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Almost everyone has "surfed" the Internet or World Wide Web, and has enjoyed the millions of pages of information, entertainment and activity possible on such a universal technology. Because of the global ability of the Internet, there are millions of people who want to create their own websites and web pages. How do they do this? It requires a server or web hosting company to deliver access to the Internet.

Where can a consumer or company go to get a server? Not many people can afford their own servers, or maintain them in a stable and secure manner. Because of this there are millions of web hosting companies with their own servers operating around the clock. Servers, however, are used in a variety of ways to provide an individual or company with the services they need. Generally, they are "dedicated", "shared" or "virtual" servers.

The determination of whether a consumer requires a dedicated or a shared hosting provider usually depends upon their budget and their needs. A shared server provides the client with a segment of the server, and requires them to share an IP address with the other sites on the same server. This is generally not a problem, but shared hosting can make it difficult for certain pages to appear, such as those with the HTTPS prefix, or secured pages. Additionally, shared hosting may prevent a site from using its own SSL certificate, which may prevent certain users from accessing the site.

Why do people use shared hosting? It is significantly less expensive to use a shared server than a dedicated one, and if a company or individual would like to provide information, commentary, news or other information only, then shared hosting is probably their best method. If a great deal of e-commerce, data base or other secure information will be handled on a daily basis a dedicated server may make the process simpler.

Where do you find shared hosting? There are literally millions of providers around the world, but the best will have guaranteed services, such as security, technical support and allow for numerous operating systems to be employed by their various clients. For example, shared hosting companies should be able to work with Linux as well as Microsoft Windows.

Why Shared Hosting Is So Cheap?

As shared hosting has the reputation of being cheapest form of web hosting, it is also the most popular hosting form all over the world. If we analyze the reason of shared hosting's popularity, we come to know some facts as 'When newly formed businesses are entering in to Internet world at very first time through their new websites, they are not ready to spend large amount of money as a Hosting expense. As a result of this businessmen directly check out for the cheapest form of web hosting services, and they decide to go for shared hosting.

Different hosting companies provide their hosting services with different pricing and different set ups and configurations. The basic reason behind shared hosting is called as shared hosting because it is based on shared server resources, this means one server is parted in to hundreds of partitions which are used by hundreds of websites. All factors based on a server like operating system, disk space, random access memory (RAM), Central processing unit (CPU) are used commonly by all websites, surprisingly even bandwidth which is an important factor from webmaster's point of vies is also shared as per demanding need of a particular website.

As it is a cheapest form of hosting anyone can find pricing options very quickly. It is also widely used in the form of cpanel hosting because it comes with a control panel which is used to control email accounts, database, FTP, subdomains website's statistics, fantastico and many other valuable features, these all features plays an important role in reviewing your website's performance and the direction of progress it is doing. cPanel Hosting is a blessing for such webmasters who has a tight and limited budget for the conduction of their online operations.

Though many websites are sharing the same server in this kind of hosting type, surprisingly there is no limitation on disk-space, bandwidth or other features. The basic reason behind this is, very powerful and highly configured servers are used by hosting companies for their customers. Many hosting companies provided both options of limited disc-space and unlimited disk-space to their clients. Client has to choose the option considering his website's need.

This hosting type is considered as a perfect choice for news blogs, because these type of blogs do not content any heavy data such as videos, audios and other flash object which comparatively need higher amount of bandwidth. If we compared Linux shared hosting with Windows shared hosting then we come to know that comparatively Linux hosting is a little bit cheaper than Windows hosting almost in all form of hostings, the main factor which affects on the high pricing of Windows hosting is the licensing cost. All of know that Linux is a free opensource platform. Surprisingly despite being cheaper than Windows Hosting Linux Hosting is capable of using system resources in better manner than Windows Hosting.

Till now we have seen all goodies of shared hosting but on the other side it has also some limitations and drawbacks of its own. As webmasters need to share the servers with other webmasters he has very limited access and control on that particular server. If any particular website consumes excess bandwidth provided to a shared server than it affects to other websites residing on the same server hens faces some accessibility issues. All websites hosted on a shared server also need to share a single IP address. Any malfunction performed by other website may affect your website's performance due to sharing same server.

Share hosting made it possible to bring many small businesses on Internet and it also helped may people to do marketing of their products and services on the Internet.

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